18 Jun

This just in from the lovely folks at Ride2Recovery:

Countdown to Belgium:
On Monday, July 2nd, R2R will visit the Tour de France. We will ride the last 35K of the stage to the finish in Tournai, Belgium. It promises to be a tremndous experience and there is sure to be some special guests along the way.

I’m going to ride in the official f-cking Tour de France, man!

If you are following this blog and you have NOT yet donated to R2R in my name, please fix that ASAP (donation link is here). R2R works in partnership with the VA to improve the wellness of injured veterans through innovative cycling programs.

From June 21-July 3, Dexter and I will join ~150 disabled U.S. Veterans on a bicycling adventure dubbed the “Battle of the Bulge Challenge” — 600+ (very hilly) miles between various WWII battlegrounds and memorials in Belgium & Luxembourg + the official friggin’ Tour de France awesomeness mentioned above.

An epic trip, with epic tales sure to follow. Donate now!


CZ + Dexter

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