Placeholder pseudo-posting

23 Jun

Ever since my brain bashing I have really tried to be in bed by 10pm and I successfully sustained that tradition for our first 2 nights here. Today, however, in allowed myself to be corrupted by my compatiriots and then lured into further breakage of this self-imposed curfew by the sun, which only set ~30mins ago. What this means for me is yet-to-be-determined, but what it means for you is quite clear: You are only getting a short-form, bullet-point blog posting tonight. I’ll fill in the blanks and details later.

Riding with the Fat Boys’ Delta Force was an excerise in patience For me(60mi in 8 hours = Whaaaat?!???) and also a demonstration of what a G.D. friggin genius my Bike Boss is with all of his conditioning and training edicts.

OPF = “Own Fucking Program” — a military status that apparently describes my life to a “T”,

There is a soldier here who abhors bacon. And beer. And chocolate. And cheese. W. T. F. kind of American is this???

Tonite’s roommate: is the 16th child in the flock of 21 born by her mother; she was thrust into Chicago’s foster care system at age 10; her father committed suicide when she was 15; she emancipated when she was 17 (10 years ago) and has not seen her mother since; she did 3 tours in Iraq and was blown up twice — the second time suffering a diagnosed TBI that renders her speech patterns quite similar to mine (throat clearing and word-finding pauses). She had NEVER ridden a bike in her life prior to engaging in the R2R Texas challenge ~2 years ago. She fell no less than 10(!) times a DAY on that ride bc she had such terrible equilibrium and peripheral vision issues, but now she is an inspirational star for all new riders to follow.

We have a mission to indoctrinate the Belgian people regarding the joy of shouting “heyh” (Quasi-Fonzi-style) as a greeting for all passing cyclists.

We got chased by a cow and almost wiped out by a dog.

Sal (the MOH award winner) thanked me most sincerely for having called him out on his potential pussy hood yesterday — said it totally motivated him to power through today’s climbs.

When the ride director asks a carload of you: “Did you come here to sleep or to drive the wrong way down a one way road?” the only possible, acceptable answer is “Both, please.”

And that’s probably enough ludicrous teasers for you for now. Tomorrow is a very short ride day and I will be riding with a mush speedier group so I will fill in details and bring you up to date in <15 hours.

Ciao for now.

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