Technical difficulties

27 Jun

My roommate just exploded my power adaptor and caused a small fire in our room. Plus, I have a >101* fever + swollen glands and we’ve got a 6:30am breakfast call & another day of 7,000’+ climbing tomorrow. Added all together, these signs clearly point me towards bed. I’m sorry to be such a deficient blogger.

Those in the FB Drinking Challenge game can at least take solace in learning that you earned 2 drinks yesterday and another 2 today.

Yesterday’s were both caused by me being rendered weepy with gratitude for kindnesses extended by the pushers & EMTs who assisted others in my ride group (and the concomitant relief that came with not needing their assistance myself!).

Today’s drinks both got earned at the American Cemetery in Luxembourg — details to follow once I get a new charger.

One Response to “Technical difficulties”

  1. katerinadiaviano June 27, 2012 at 5:25 pm #

    Ooops–think you got a flu bug. I had it 2 months ago. Rest, drinks lots of fluids (not beer) and take Tylenol. Hope you will perk up in a couple of days Cristin.

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