Special Post for Non-FB Nation Subscribers

8 Jul

I’m still woozy, drowsy, and generally out-of-sorts thanks to the long-lingering sinus infection I picked up in Belgium.  They’ve got some SERIOUSLY nasty bugs over there! Worst souvenir ever! 😦

I apologize most sincerely for my total suckage at this whole blog thing.  I really do mean well, but I’m utterly failing in execution. I’m very sorry about that. You deserve blog updates that are written by a more-attentive brain. While waiting for that level of functionality to return, I figured that I could at least update my non-FB Nation subscribers (“Hi” mom, G, and Joe!) by sharing the R2R-Belgium photos that I’ve already posted on Facebook.

Hopefully this will work even for those who are not my official FB friends (and even for those who aren’t on FB, period).

Below you’ll find four (4) links to my R2R-Belgium albums. I do not recommend trying to tackle them all in one sitting. Lots of photos; much easier to absorb in chunks…

Album #1 = Photos from our U.S. departure, arrival in Belgium, and our “Day Zero” ride, which included the Henri Chappell cemetery and the Remember Museum, both of which were subjects of the “Truman Show” posting;

Album #2 = Photos from Ride Days 1-4, which included stops at the Malmedy and Wereth 11 massacre sites, the Bois Jacques forest, Eric Fisher Wood memorial, the Patton Museum, and the Luxembourg cemetery and Ambassador’s house and a few other places, all obliquely referenced in the “Accept the Challenge” posting;

Album #3 = Photos from Ride Days 5 & 6 + the Tour de France (TdF) Prologue where I almost got run over by Cadel Evans, all more-or-less described in the “OFP” posting; and

Album #4 = Milling about Brussels, riding on the official TdF-Stage 2 route, and actually watching the pros ride that same route just a few hours after we did, none of which have yet been commemorated in this blog, and all of which were nearly too amazing to be accurately described even by a totally coherent person.  I’ll give it a go eventually though, I promise…

Special note for my mom: To open and view the albums, you just need to click on the blue/underlined words and –voila!- the albums will appear!

If you manage make your way through all 347 photos in those 4 albums and you’re still hankering for more pics of cows, castles, country side, cemeteries, or our yellow-clad, bike riding selves, then you hereby are also invited to feast your eyes on the official R2R Album, which provides a thoroughly comprehensive (possibly mind-numbing) overview of our trip.


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