Enjoy the ride (even on a death trap)

7 Aug

Yeah, I know, I still owe y’all a final recap/update on the amazing, epic Belgian cycling adventure. I’ll get to it — some day.

For today though, I’m compelled to share the following scrap of a message that I apparently tapped out on my iPhone while I was flying back to L.A. on June 10, 2011 — one day before I smashed my skull and almost found answers to the questions posed at the end of the missive captured on Evernote.

Why am I posting this now? Because I’m in the throes of trying to rebuild my iPhone-based life following the unfortunate theft of my original iPhone on Saturday. I was convinced that ALLLL of my “old” iPhone-based treasures were forever lost as a result of that theft. But as I’m remembering what apps I had and as I’m working to reload them, I find myself amazed and tickled by the wonderful virtual redundancy offered by things like iTunes and, in this case, Evernote.

What a wonderful miracle to rediscover this Evernote musing, captured less than 24 hours before I almost died:


Encountering violent turbulence makes me smile. What would it feel like to plummet to the earth? To be surrounded by hysterical strangers, while I -surely- (somehow) maintain a sense if beatific calm, assured by the knowledge of a life well and truly lived?

Is this sociopathic? Enlightened? Fleeting altitude-induced delusion?

Does it matter?

The plane continues to bounce and jitter. The guy next to me has adopted a cross-armed full body brace while I blithely tap away at my iPhone, grinning like a water-doused Gremlin.

Life is good. And funny. And soo unpredictable – which only heightens the goodness and hilarity. Blessings abound.

How did I get here? Where do I go next? And who will be there to greet me?

**** You never know what life’s going to hand you, so you might as well do everything you can to enjoy the ride.

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