Anomia is awesome!

5 Oct

I’ll admit: I was worried about how my recently damaged brain might perform in the classroom. Going back to school after so many years is daunting for anyone, but an extra level of fear envelopes all who have suffered from TBI.

Objectively, I’m still not (and probably won’t ever be) “totally ok.” Deficits persist and new processing errors show up (and, thankfully, usually fade) all the time.

My note taking skills suck and my ability to memorize is woeful. I have to re-read my text at least (at least!) 3 times to process anything. Anatomy & Physiology at UCLA is hard and tackling it with a disability (or, I guess make that *TWO* disabilities now that I also have a broken writing arm!) makes everything even more difficult.

Except for this….

For reasons entirely yet unclear, the professor added an un-announced (and as far as I can tell, totally irrelevant) “extra credit” question to the test we took yesterday: “Define anomia.”

HELL YEAH! This one I know by heart, all too well, and find delicious in its irony: “Anomia: The inability to find words.”

Anomia: my main disability following my brain bashing.

Anomia: correctly defined yielded 6 extra credit points.

“Anomia” — the inability to find words that plagued me for months now means that I have earned 30 out of a possible 25 points and that (at least for today) I am now tied with 1 other person for the highest points in the class!

So, “thank you” skull smashing! You not only redirected my life path, you also oh-so-ironically are making me into an “A” student.

Anomia is awesome!

2 Responses to “Anomia is awesome!”

  1. Anonymous October 5, 2012 at 5:20 pm #

    You rock Cristin!! Keep on pluggin’ along! You have so much to offer!

  2. Tina McEvoy October 5, 2012 at 6:16 pm #

    Are experiences WILL become our assets! Now when I first read the heading I thought I saw ammonia! Is that just laziness or my old brain just misfiring?? Tina

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