Time to get serious

3 Jan

In 28 days, I will say goodbye to steady paychecks, solid friendships, and soul-affirming work at my law firm (yes, soul-affirming work at a law firm really DOES exist!). Overnight, I will go from being a well-paid, high-powered, generally-well-known, fairly-well-liked leader in the legal world to being a totally hyphen-less, penniless, peon student, adrift in the befuddling world of hard-core science and math. This will, indeed, be a “just adventure,” or perhaps just an adventure…

Either way, it’s the kind of stuff that this blog is supposed to be about. I’ve been a horribly lazy, uncommitted author thus far. And it’s not because I’ve been “too busy” (although that’s partially true). Nor is it because I’ve been too scared to share all of the messy emotions that have besieged me over the past several months (although that’s largely true, as well). No, it’s really just because I’ve failed to take this whole blog thing seriously.

When I lived in Ukraine (2002-2004), I often was crazy-busy (I was an *unusually* dedicated/focused/determined Peace Corps volunteer…) and I was almost always petrified about sharing my inner-most thoughts with my loyal readership. Of course, the reason I had a “loyal readership” in the first place was because I consistently strived to deliver a written product on a weekly basis.

Thursdays were “Dispatch” days (that’s what I called the Word that files I sent out each week … this was all done in the internet’s “pre-blog” dark ages). I re-arranged all priorities to get my Dispatches out on time. Sometimes I had to scrimp on stories or deliver truncated tales. And often Ukrainian infrastructure issues stymied my ability to actually transmit things on a timely basis. But I remained dedicated to writing every Thursday — and it worked. After 2 years of writing I had 998 pages of single-spaced Ariel 10-point font.

People who read my Dispatches from 8-to-10 years ago still remember them and ask me about them. And I sometimes pull the binders off of my bookshelf to reflect on my old reports. I’m often astounded to read about things that have slipped my memory and by the adventures I get to re-experience when revisiting those Dispatches. There’s good learning (and laughs) in there!

I’m quite certain that this next adventure will be even more unpredictable, foreign, confounding, and (hopefully) rewarding than the one I took a decade ago. I may not be leaving the country this time, but I am –most assuredly– leaving my comfort zone.

I was exhilarated, anxious, nervous, petrified, emotional, and yet oh-so-ready back then, and I’ve got the same butterflies in my tummy, tears in my eyes, and joy in my heart today. Writing kept me (relatively) sane, and my readers were routinely entertained, back then, and if this blog thing works, hopefully we can experience that same kind of mutual beneficence in the here-and-now.

According to the old wives tales about how long it takes to form a new habit (i.e., 21-28 days), if I thoroughly commit to blogging now, I should be good-to-go by the time I enter unemployment to officially begin my academic adventure. Of course, now that I’m all about “scientifically validated research,” this may take a bit longer to become habit, but I’m ready to get serious about this if you are.

Blog updates every Thursday. Here we go!

To make it easier, you can head over to the right-hand side of this page and sign yourself up as a “follower.” You’ll get instant updates of my new neuroses, future failures, sporadic successes, and random observations about wonderful things that start with “B” (i.e., Bikes, Beer, Bacon, Bruins, Brains, and Books — other suggestions are welcome.)

And, borrowing from a habit I developed during the old Dispatch days, I’ll close out each substantive post with a “parting thought” — an erudite quote by someone famous(ish) to sum up the mindless drivel I unleash on you.

Parting Thought:

If you want to succeed you should strike out on new paths, rather than travel the worn paths of accepted success. — John D. Rockefeller

2 Responses to “Time to get serious”

  1. Carissa Barker January 3, 2013 at 3:12 am #

    Loved it. Can’t wait for Thursdays.

  2. Anonymous January 3, 2013 at 11:20 am #

    I am excited that I get to hear all about this new adventure!

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