A surprise/spare blog posting … “On a mission”

29 Jan

I’m cleaning out my office in advance of Thursday’s departure. In doing so, I’ve unearthed numerous files, stories, photos, and notes that have left me dizzied with their remarkableness. We did some really cool sh*t here over the last 8 years!

I may re-cap some of that remarkableness when I do my “standard” blog update on Thursday, but you get this bonus posting today because I just (re)discovered The Document that actually set all of this stuff (the whole “justice / adventure” concept) in motion in the first place.

It’s the “Personal Mission Statement” that I wrote in September 2005. I don’t know the last time I’ve seen it (I did not keep a copy handy at all times … although maybe I should have!), but I do know/remember how much time and care I devoted to writing it, about 6 months into my Pro Bono Director gig.

I was in the midst of helping the Firm’s management team conduct “listenring tours” in all of our offices in advance of developing a 10-year strategic plan. Among other things, we (the management team) sought to revisit (and, if necessary, revise) the firm’s “big picture” Mission Statement.

Inspired by that “big picture” work for the Firm, I determined that I, too, could benefit from having a Personal Mission Statement. I spent weeks drafting and refining a statement that could serve equally as a personal and professional guide — to keep me focused on developing myself in the same manner as I wished to develop the Firm’s pro bono program.

What follows is what I wrote in 2005. It still rings true to me today, even as I am about to embark on a wildly different mission. I wouldn’t (and won’t) change a thing — except to maybe carry this thing with me as a daily talisman.

Here it is:

Personal Mission Statement

I choose to make a difference in this world

I will live each day as if I have all of the power and influence to make it a perfect world

I recognize that obligations are much more important than rights

I obligate myself to live each day gifted to me with purpose and discipline – plus a sense of adventure

I desire to live a life of moral fulfillment and simplicity

I believe that if I remain true to my values, I will have a positive impact on those whose lives I touch.

I will strive to enrich the lives of all who cross my path …

by caring, by affirming their unique worth, by giving what I have to give and accepting what they have to offer

And, if they so wish, by teaching them what I know (and learning what I can from them) so as to help them discover and pursue their own way

I will seek new sources for learning and growth …

through listening to and serving others, through travel, in literature, in nature, in family, in friends, and in new acquaintances

I will act in a manner that brings out the best in me and those important to me …

especially when it might be justifiable to act otherwise

I will not make excuses or blame others

I will thank those who help me along the way

* * *

Thank YOU, blog-reader, for what you’ve given to me along the way.

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