Important Disclaimer

6 Feb

Forgive the lawyerly paranoia, but we live in an imperfect and messy world. This post (which will shortly receive its own page on the blog) is designed to tidy things up a bit, or at least reduce the potential for later disaster. We will return to the regularly scheduled Adventure update tomorrow, but for now, please read this:


This blog offers unfounded opinions and occasional satire only.

As the author of all the content found here, I can assure you that the opinions expressed herein are my own. These opinions are the unique products of how my somewhat dysfunctional mind interprets situations and concepts.

Nothing in here should be construed as โ€œadvice.โ€ If you do anything mentioned in this blog –or refrain from doing things because of this blog– and you get injured, sick, or killed, or experience any sort of emotional, financial, or other incidental loss, you cannot blame me or my family or anyone else who happens to be directly or indirectly involved in this blog.

I would like to expressly convey to you (the reader) that if I somehow accidentally defame, humiliate, and/or hurt any person or their feelings as a result of what is written here, such result is entirely unintentional and I ask that you bring any sort of disparagement to my attention via direct message or email.

Likewise, please be advised that any comments found on the pages of JustAdventures are the express opinions and property of their individual authors. I, as the owner/author of this site cannot be held responsible for the fact that the minds of the respective comment authors may be just as –or even more– dysfunctional than my own. Further, I do not edit any comments left here by others. That said, however, if you (the reader) should happen to identify a comment that you feel is harmful, malicious, insensitive, or unnecessary, please notify me and I will address the situation directly.

By reading anything on this blog (including this message) you are saying that you are a person who makes their own choices in life and you do not hold the writer of this blog, the writerโ€™s family, or any one else that may be directly or indirectly involved in the production or writing of this blog, responsible for your stupid and irresponsible behaviors, injuries, sicknesses, deaths or losses.

With that said, please enjoy my blog.

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