A Bacon-Coated Dream

7 Mar

I hope I don’t jinx myself.

In fact, I hope that this blog-post adheres strictly to the Universal Law of Attraction and that by putting this out there, I will attract exactly what I envision and desire, namely:

A bacon donut crafted (partially) by and named entirely after me, for which I may receive lifetime royalties.


Z’s special donut” is being test-kitchened at Primo’s Westside Donuts as we speak. It does NOT look like the image I stole off the internet and placed here.

We’re not sure *what* it will look like — bar? cake? butterfly? buttermilk? Bacon bits? Bacon jelly infusion? Layered bacon? All options are on the table.

The only thing that is absolutely certain? …

This endeavor will require massive exertions of energy in order to keep both sides of the “Bacon<=>Bike” equation balanced.

Eat lots of bacon, ride lots of miles?

Yeah, I’m pretty much OK with that. This retirement thing really IS a dream come true!

How did this incredible event-of-a-lifetime come to pass?

I was walking back from my morning coffee run, gearing up for another round of trying to decipher correlation and regression equations, when a neighbor I’d seen only once before called out: Hey! Your arm’s all better!

And, indeed, the last (and only) time I had seen him, I was wearing a sling (courtesy of the hit-and-run bus driver), so I suppose it was a fair exclamation for him to make and I crossed the street to bring him up to speed.

He mentioned that he’d seen me walking around the neighborhood for years (he works from home) and he always wondered why I walked so much. I explained that I used to work at “that big building over there, but I just recently retired” and he said: “Oh, Manatt? My parents used to have a big delivery contract with Manatt, but it ended a couple years ago.” To which I responded: “Oh, do they own Western Bagel?” And he said, “No, Primo’s Donuts!”

And from there we had several stories to share with one another — like how much I loved those donuts and how sad I was when we cancelled Bagel-and-Donut Fridays and how perplexed he was that someone “so young” (bless him!) should be retired already.

And THAT lead to a whole ‘nother line of inquiry and story telling, which included my confession about how addicted I am to cycling, which obviously required me display my “I love bacon and bicycles” necklace charm and as I did so, I wistfully exclaimed how awesome it would be if Primo’s had a good bacon donut…

At which point our words halted, our jaws slackened, and our eyes bulged with revolutionary wonderment, until he broke the spell and proclaimed:

A bacon donut SHALL be made at Primo’s and (if you approve) we will name it after you, Z!

From your lips to the universe’s ears, neighbor Steve — let it be so.

Parting Thought: Every moment of your life is infinitely creative and the universe is endlessly bountiful. Just put forth a clear enough request, and everything your heart desires must come to you. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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