Warning: Pace yourself

24 Apr

I just finished the rough draft for tomorrow’s regularly scheduled blog update. It fulfills the promise I made last week:

Toadequately convey the … beautiful brutality [of the Rapha Women’s Prestige race] and how and why it managed to make me so utterly content with my place in this world.”

Tomorrow’s post, like the race itself, is epically long. You will need to pace yourself to get through it. Unlike the race, however, my post provides very clear and obvious breaks. Take advantage of them. Consider tackling them on a one-section-per-day basis.

There is no need to power-through the narrative. Each section stands strongly on its own. Don’t burn yourself out. There is no blog-reading race. Pace yourself so you can make it all the way through.

And if you take it slow and steady, I wager that you, too, will feel utterly content at the end.

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