The Rules of Engagement

8 Jul

Less than 20 hours from now, I’ll be on my way to Italy to reunite with Avengelyne (my bike, who hopefully made it over the Atlantic by now) and with a hundred or so badass bike riding friends and a couple dozen Ride2Recovery staff members and supporters.

Because the Ride2Recovery Italy Challenge presented by UnitedHealthCare is even bigger and bolder than last year’s Battle of the Bulge challenge in Belgium, I upped my training (riding UP Haleakala seemed like a good idea at the time!) AND my fundraising efforts (so far, my 2013 yield is $10,088 10,319 and counting — feel free to DONATE if you haven’t already!).

So, for this year’s CZ-R2R Riding & Blogging Adventure, those 2 things (training and fundraising) are different, but these 4 things will be the same:

  1. I will attempt to post at least 1 short blog per day from July 9-19 (the official R2R trip dates).
  2. I will do my best to not die or get injured while riding my bike.
  3. The “Drinking Game” will be in effect: Each time I cry on the R2R trip, you must drink. The “Daily Drink Tally” will replace the “Parting Thought” to conclude each blog post, so make sure you check it and don’t welch on this implied social covenant.
  4. The posts will likely contain a lot of food & bike porn — You have been warned.

I haven’t decided what the blog rules will be for my post-ride tour of Europe (Deauville, Paris, London, Venice), which will keep my occupied from July 20-30. What’s your preference, readers?

  • Should I continue to post 1 short, daily note for the non-R2R segment of my vacation?
  • Or revert to my “post only on Thursday schedule”?
  • Or save everything up for a comprehensive, likely-epically-long novella posting upon my return?

You guys get to set the rules for the post-R2R segment of my travel Adventure tales. Here’s a preview of what I’ll be doing/where/when. And just in case anyone is inclined toward criminality, you a hereby forewarned that my neighbor does not EVER leave her house, she watches my place like a hawk, and she has a dog who will tear you limb from limb if her son doesn’t manage to kill you with his bowie knife first.

Also, if you are a crazypants stalker, please know that I have good friends in the CIA and at Interpol and if you unexpectedly show up at any of my Euro hotels, you will not be greeted warmly. That said, if you’d like to crash a portion of my non-R2R trip, I’m always up for company as long as you connect with me >48-hours in advance and I expressly give you the thumbs up!

Now, it’s time to pack.

2 Responses to “The Rules of Engagement”

  1. eawitous July 8, 2013 at 7:33 pm #

    You rock Cristin!! Safe journey…safer ride & keep those posts comimg!

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