A 2 minute connection …

9 Jul

Means no “real” blog today. I literally had 2 minutes between sitting in seat 9A from LAX to Newark and sitting where I am now: 42A on the Milan-bound flight.

I missed the USO show and free beer and cookies that greeted the R2R passengers with less tight connections. Judging by the detritus, however, it looks like it was a solid send-off event!

We got to load onto this plane before anyone else and United wisely put us all in the back of the plane where a few of us have already been reprimanded for busting out some Duty Free items (DiSarona anyone? Uh, no thanks).

It’s awesome to see so many familiar faces and the plane is abuzz with our nervous and excited energy.

That’s all I’ve got. We reach Milan at ~9:00am local time tomorrow, so my first day of R2R blogging is kinda blah. Sorry about that.

But, take heart, all is not lost in terms of the Drinking Game. Today’s tally is just 1. It came courtesy of my friend Jaime who posted something on FB. Google “Lauren Robinson Home Depot” and maybe you will cry, too. Either way, drink up! And maybe make it a DiSarona.

Wheels up and onward to Milan in 8minutes.

Excuse all typos: Brain damage + iPhone + rushed effort on airplane with tight timeframe = likely catastrophic drafting skills.

2 Responses to “A 2 minute connection …”

  1. eawitous July 9, 2013 at 5:12 pm #

    Crackin me up Cristin! Safe flight. As for the drinking game……i’ll drink my green juice LOL!


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