This much fun shouldn’t be legal

13 Jul

It’s gonna be hard to top July 13, 2013 in terms of awesomeness per minute. Here’s a quick Top 10 run down of the day:

1. Woke up to a rain-cleaned view of Italy’s clearest lake (Iseo) directly beneath/outside my 14′ open-to-let-in-the-cool-breeze window.

2. Ate the best, most flavorful eggs of my life.

3. Rode ~50 pancake-flat miles around said lake through micro-towns loaded with macro levels of eye-popping charm. Alas, I won’t have many photos to share (once I encounter technology that allows me to do so) because we generally were spinning at ~20-25mph — this is not conducive to me trying to pry my DSLR from my tiny little rear-jersey pocket.

4. Found out that nearly all the TBI riders (including me) share a drastically different view of riding through granite tunnels than do “normal” riders (i.e., the normies apparently find tunnel riding to be “peaceful” while us TBI folk find it terrifyingly disorienting to the point of inducing nausea). This may not seem like a “Top 10” level event to you, but for me it was awesome to learn that I am not alone in terms of how I view the world.

5. Thanked my lucky stars for choosing to befriend the right guys the night before AND that they made good use of their after-hours time to butter up the right Italians who agreed to rent us their speed boat for the afternoon.

6. While 90% of the R2R riders used their afternoon/evening free time to cheer on one of our members who became a last-minute entrant in a local Olympic-distance triathlon (sure, THAT makes sense … doing a competitive Olympic-distance tri *after* you’ve already ridden 50 miles and before you have to tackle an exceptionally brutal climb the next day! Good on ya, crazy man…), we boaters jammed all around the lake and its little islands like Italian Riviera socialites. The boating pictures will blow your mind.

7. The lake water was ~68*, crystal clear and (!) tasty. And it was hella amazing to swim up to castles on little mini islands + dock directly in front of shoreline liquor stores.

8. At said “locals/boat-access only” liquor stores we were able to purchase 2 bottles of wine and 6 beers for <10โ‚ฌ. Twice. That made for a pretty good little boat ride ๐Ÿ™‚

9. Our hotel staff was so impressed by our ability to commandeer a boat that they gave us a private driver to take us into town for dinner.

10. A huge, beautiful rain-hail-thunder-and-lightening storm pummeled our outdoor dining canopy, mesmerizing us with its staccato rhythm on the tent top. The storm let up just as we called for our check and driver, who took us “home” where we quaffed a bottle of champagne to celebrate best afternoon imaginable!


And now it’s time to board the bus to take us to the Gavia grade — 12mi of climbing at 9%. Bring it!

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