Don’t worry mom, I’m fine!

25 Jul

“R U ok? … No blogs makes mama nervous.” So sayeth the email that just hit my in box.

My exact response: “Having too much fun to type! All is beyond well. No news = all good news!”

In addition, the wifi connections in France and Italy sucked. London’s, however, rock so on-the-fly postings are actually possible here.

I’m sitting on the quay between the Tower of London (a radically inept name for this relatively low-slung, multi-quartered garrison) and the Tower Bridge, calling upon my deepest levels of inner strength to help me tackle the INSANELY LARGE lager that was hefted in front of me in response to my request for a “big beer” [FB followers, see photo on my wall].

I owe you 2.5 days of R2R stories and 3.5 days of Paris stories and a solid day (which will end up being 3+ days) of London stories and yet another 3 days of Italy stories yet to be lived. You’ll get none of them until I get home.

And with the way the tales are piling up, we’re actually looking at something like ~3 months’ worth of blog-worthy musings to be parceled out through the long remainder of my yet-unplanned summer.

Until then, bottom’s up & cheers!

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