Philanthropic plagiarism

8 Sep

Today I steal someone else’s words — not because I’m lazy (well … not only because I’m lazy), but because this story needs to be told. And I believe it’s best told in its original form. My slight modifications are set-off by [brackets].

Ready? Begin shameless theft: 

2013 Minuteman Challenge
  UnitedHealthcare Challenge Series  

Minuteman Challenge Day 1:
Waltham, MA to Providence, RI 

Spaulding group

Day 1 of any Challenge is always full of excitement and enthusiasm. All of the new riders are a bit nervous and anxious. On today’s ride, we had a very special group of first-time riders.

26 miles is an important number to anyone who runs a marathon. It is especially true if you’re from Boston and attended last April’s Boston Marathon. More than one dozen amputees resulted from last spring’s terrorist attack [and they] are now trying to figure out what life will be like [without their limbs]. For five of them, today’s 26-mile ride from Boston to Gillette Stadium was 26 miles to a new kind of finish line.

For the first time since they began rehab, they [were able] to give a Ride2Recovery cycling event a try; participating in Day 1 of the Minuteman Challenge. 

waltham skyAfter a preliminary visit to Spaulding Rehab, the R2R team created a few of their now famous custom bikes to allow some of the civilian patients the opportunity to join the R2R Project HERO program. The patients included a mentor to the Boston victims named Muji Karim, who lost both of his legs in an automobile accident. Muji had been a star football player in New Hampshire and had been very active until he suddenly had his life change forever.

He has been a great mentor to all of the [Spaulding Rehab] patients and was thrilled to be able to join them on the [R2R Minuteman Challenge] ride today. [Today was Muji’s first time being on a bike since his accident — check out his 20-second ride clip hereR2R looks forward to working with Spaulding Rehab patients in the future.


Why do I think you need to know this?

Have you seen the new Guinness Beer commercial?

If not, click that ^link^ NOW.

I’ll wait.

That 1:02 minutes and its concluding remark (“The choices we make reveal the true nature of our character“) neatly demonstrate what R2R and your humble JustAdventures author believe in.

  • We believe in the healing power of athletic activity — particularly on a bicycle 
  • We believe that the wounded, themselves, can often be the most effective healers
  • We believe that those who haven’t suffered wounds can enable healing best when they adopt –no, truly embody– a fully empathetic response.

Do you believe?

The R2R Minuteman Challenge is making its way from Boston to Philadelphia (on Sept 14), with stops in Providence, Hartford, Danbury, Newburgh, NYC (Ft. Lee), and Princeton.

If you’re a JustAdventurer living in those areas and you believe in what we do AND/OR you want to have your world just totally rocked by a parade of 160+ brave, badass, cyclists, hit me up in the “Comments” section below and I’ll send you details regarding the specific route, timing, and events in your area. 

Miracles can happen, and you can be a part of them. Let’s all believe in (and be good to) one another. 


Ride 2 Recovery is a program produced by the Fitness Challenge Foundation, a 501(c)3 to benefit mental and physical rehabilitation programs that feature cycling as the core activity. The funds raised by R2R support outdoor cycling programs and Spinning Recovery Labs at Military and VA locations around the U.S., as well as local rides for healing heroes, all aimed at helping injured veterans overcome obstacles they face as part of their rehabilitation. Funds also support the equipment donated to each healing hero participating in the events, including bikes that require modification due to injuries. Ride 2 Recovery supporters include UnitedHealthcare, Chevrolet, Raleigh Bicycles, United Airlines and the USO. For more information, visit

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  1. Lyssette Goodman Flinchbaugh September 9, 2013 at 10:08 am #

    Hi Cristin! When will they be in Hartford?

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