WARNING: Possible flaw in Step 9 of the Heartbreak Recovery Plan…

9 Sep

So, I’m still sorting through boxes, drawers, and cabinets, cleaning up decades of my life’s detritus while continuing to rock out to 1990’s mix tapes (Step 9). At this point, my clean up efforts mainly aren’t related to the recent relationship implosion — that situation simply prompted me to get my life in order in other ways. All-in-all, this has been a refreshingly cathartic experience and I’m super glad that I’m still on summer break and not-at-all-obligated otherwise. In fact, I was thinking to myself: Ya know, I really have no idea how a “normal” person could possibly manage a relationship/life cleanup effort while holding down a full time job… 

And while that thought bubble hung above my head, I popped in a tape that I made in 1994 entitled “Moving Songs.” The title was 100% literal, as I made the tape in connection with my move from L.A. to Williamsburg.

But leapin’ lizards, one of the songs sure sucker punched me and brightly illuminated the title’s irony .

Linda Ronstadt.

Goodbye My Friend (lyrics here).


Before donning my proverbial pair wading boots, however, to navigate the resulting torrent of tears (which were amplified by the fact that I shortly must attend a friend’s memorial service), the mix tape offered miraculous salvation in the form of Sammy Hagar / Van Halen.

Standing on Top of the World.

Hot damn.

That song sets me right every time.

Rock. On.

Heartbreak recovery plan remains fully intact.

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