Too many adventures

17 Sep

Enough with the “adventures” already! I haven’t yet managed to bring you up to speed on my Travel Tales series (Paris, London, and Northern Italy still await their turn in the blog spotlight), but crazy, out-of-the-blue shit just keeps happening and the last 10 days have proven themselves to be monumentally epic in terms of unplanned challenges, like:
* jaw surgery
* a funeral for someone who was way too young and way too healthy and way too awesome to just suddenly drop dead
* aiding 2 families facing traumatic brain injury situations
* being 2 hours late to a job interview
* riding 250+ miles, and
* working to establish a new R2R training site.

How’s *that* for a run-on sentence?!

And yet it’s not nearly as fraught with turbulence as the days were themselves, but you maybe sorta/kinda get the gist…

All that in 10 days!

Not to mention the ongoing efforts to cleanse my house and heart of all things Jay. The heart cleaning was infinitely easier to finalize than the various household issues, but, if all goes according to plan (a decidedly dicey proposition these days!), a whole troop of maids will take over for me on that front this weekend while Zolie and I are in Tahoe to cheerlead/Sherpa for a couple of 100% crazy-yet-awesome friends who will do the Ironman Triathlon on Sunday.

Talk about your JustAdventure! Go, team!

This post is just to let you know I’m fine, I’m thinking about you, I’m having a smashing good time learning how to roll with a whole new series of punches, and I’m looking forward to (maybe) having things settle down once school begins again on Monday.

I don’t imagine being able to update the blog before next Thurs (the 26th) but perhaps if you all focus on sending a few “calming” vibes my way, I could convert them into stories for you. That would be a fair and welcome trade.

Can you do that for me?

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