Sorry for the mix-up. Here’s a fix.

26 Oct

I took down the “Happy Camper” post that went up on Thursday for three (3) reasons:

First, what went up was the product of a persnickety, error-prone, technologically stoopid iPhone and assuredly NOT what I had actually drafted. It was, instead, (obviously) a partial draft written on Wednesday evening that:

(a) I thought I had abandoned upon waking on Thursday, and

(b) I know I had totally re-worked and finalized very early on Thursday morning.

I know this is true for two reasons:

(i) I very vividly remember waking up a 5-friggin-30 JUST FOR YOU, just to write/deliver the damn “mandatory” Thursday blog post, and

(ii) I also remember searching for, finding, and typing the traditional “Parting Thought,” which was, in case you’re curious: The whole art of teaching is only the art of awakening the natural curiosity of young minds for the purpose of satisfying it afterwards. ~Anatole France

Needless to say, I was mighty pissed to discover that I had somehow delivered a truncated, typo-laden, kinda-non-sensicle post to y’all.

For that reason alone, it had to go.

Second, even that “final” draft (the one that somehow never go posted) actually wasn’t really “final.” In fact, the pre-Parting Thought conclusion of what I had written was something like: They just rang the bell for breakfast so I’ll share more about this later — I hope they serve bacon! So, I’d already teed things up for a “second installment” type of Report from Camp.

Upon reflection, now, however, it makes more sense to just start from scratch and give you a comprehensive report. But I don’t have time to do that at the moment. I’ve got Midterms on Monday and Tuesday (Neurophysiology and Psychology, respectively) and I have not yet begun to study for these things.


Into the study cave I go.

If all goes well, you’ll get my Camp stories next week.

Finally, I realized that I epically FAILED to acknowledge/commemorate/deliver upon a subject that this blog is “supposed” to be about: Justice. Specifically, pro bono-based justice.

Today concludes the National Celebrate Pro Bono Week. Arguably, I “should” blog about the wondrous coincidence of having my brand-new part-time job as a Holocaust Services Attorney commence in tandem with Celebrate Pro Bono Week. Given my Midterm-incuded time constraints, however, I’m unable to deliver a substantive reflection on how TOTALLY AWESOME this new gig (and pro bono service in general) is — you’ll have to wait on that topic, too.

In the spirit of sharing, however, and to give you something truly substantive to process while I’m trying to learn molecular signaling and membrane permeability induction sequences, I offer the following video:

Why does pro bono service matter? This video delivers the reason like a proverbial punch in the kidney.

WARNING: I feel obligated to tell you that the video will impact you like a REAL punch in the kidney insofar as you will never forget it — guaranteed.

Please watch it — all the way to the end, ‘cuz that’s where you’ll find the kidney punch.

And then go out and do something about it.

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