Science is stupid

31 Oct

I just got dismissed from a psych study about recovering from traumatic experiences BECAUSE I AM LIVING PROOF OF THEIR HYPOTHESIS!

“Your story is exactly what we hope to prove, which is why we can’t use you.”

When I showed the study coordinator/PhD candidate an App I use to track and manage my PTSD issues she said:

“No way! That’s exactly the kind of thing we’re trying to develop! You might’ve saved me 2-years’ worth of work!”

Gah. I’m not sure whether I feel glad to have been of service or pissed/dismayed about the sad lack of knowledge and resource sharing in the neuroscience world.

At least I managed to walk away with 3 credits despite the fact that I was there only 45 minutes and I now actually get to celebrate Halloween/G’s birthday. Hooray for early dismissal!

I know I had promised to write about last week’s HERO Camp, but when I tried to do so this morning I was in the midst of a medically mandated fast, which totally hijacked all cognitive ability. Sadness.

I’m typing this report as I walk across campus and it will have to do for today — assuming my iPhone cooperates this time…

I’ll try to bang out a bonus weekend report to bring y’all up to date on more substantive matters.

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