Rural Justice: it’s not just for people!

23 May

I’ve never re-blogged something before, but I’ve also never had my mind so totally blown by something so OBVIOUSLY BRILLIANT before. How did we never think of this while I was at Manatt? Huge kudos to Morgan Lewis, HP, and –of course– OneJustice. This is the tops.

OneJustice Blog

Nonprofit corporations suffer from legal problems, too!

We’ve learned that rural justice isn’t just for veterans, seniors, and kids.Expert attorneys provided advice.

I know, it’s kind-of our constant refrain here at OneJustice. We’re pretty much always going on about rural justice and the urban/rural divide. We can’t help it! We care a lot about the legal needs of rural Californians – and we are all about addressing the fact that nonprofits providing civil legal aid in rural areas have less funding, less access to volunteer attorneys, and larger geographic regions to cover.

So you’ve heard us talk before about veterans, children with disabilities, seniors, and families living in rural and isolated areas of the state. Reaching those folks is the whole point of our statewide Rural Justice Initiative, including the Justice Bus Project.

And yet, we never really thought about the legal needs of the rural nonprofit organizations serving those same…

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