Slow is the New Fast – part 1.

8 Jun

When I started this post, 3 weeks ago, it was to confess a personal failure. This is never easy to do and –no surprise– I had writer’s block.

Time passed.

As it did, the blog title gathered new meanings, but as the meanings grew, the title held true and the writer’s block fell away.

Which brings us to today. Today commences a veritable volley of “Slow is the New Fast” stories. Ready?


Once I decided that I would pursue the VERY EXPENSIVE Doctorate of Occupational Therapy rather than the fully-funded, and in fact salaried, PhD in Neuroscience, I had to reassess and recalibrate my finances to ensure that I could make it through ~4 years of penury as painlessly as possible. One of the changes –no, vows— I made was this: I will buy NO new (or used) clothes in 2014 — except for cycling gear. Cycling is kinda like my job and ya gotta look good for work, right?

If you know me, then you know that a “no new or used (–especially used!) clothes” vow would require a nearly superhuman level of self-control to keep. I love clothes. I love shopping. Before I started cycling my major “hobby” was, in fact, shopping — specifically thrift-store shopping. Thrift store shopping is my crack. I am totally and completely addicted and the only way to kick a crack habit is total and complete abstinence. And so it’s been: I have not entered a single thrift store this year. Ergo, I’ve bought no used clothes. Major vow-breakage danger = avoided.

And it’s actually pretty easy for me to avoid buying new clothes because I still have a deep-seated aversion to the noise, crowds, and unexpected shenanigans that infest most major shopping centers. Ergo, I generally avoid malls on general principle and when I go into other establishments that might happen to have clothing vendors embedded within them, I do so with a fierce focus on the task at hand: Pick up prescription; Buy birthday present for niece; Get book for book club. No clothes. Ergo, traditional shopping environments = no problem.

I protected my “No New Clothes Vow” without a hitch until May 17.

On May 17, Stage 7 of the Amgen Tour of California concluded in Pasadena. “Conveniently,” my coach had also scheduled me to conclude my own training ride in Pasadena that day. Even more conveniently, my pal P8 who had been serving as a Director of Photography for SRAM during the Tour happened to be OFF that day, AND he had an extra VIP pass for me to enjoy. So, I got to drink free beers and ZD wine and eat free bacon-filled grilled cheese sammiches and tofu tacos and other morsels that I can’t recall due to the aforementioned free beers and wine while hanging out along the finish line barricade with P8.

At some point, he wandered off and when he came back he exhorted me to go check out the various vendors. He was particularly hyped about the Endurance Conspiracy booth, most especially a t-shirt that involved King Kong riding a bicycle and crushing a normal sized human cyclist in his paws (hands? what do you call the frontal appendages of a a giant gorilla??). He nattered on and on about it and I thought: Really? An ironic cycling t-shirt? How hipsterstoopid.

But I humored him. Because he’s my friend and he usually has good taste and my belly was full of beer and bacon and I needed to walk it off and maybe find some shade…

When I saw the Kong Attacks shirt, I had to admit it was pretty cool. But I wasn’t going to buy it. First of all, it was boy-cut, and second of all (yes, this was a secondary thought): I had made a vow

But then I saw this:


Slow is the New Fast

Slow is the New Fast.

That is SO me!

That is how I ride (so, so, so slow these days … which coach insists will result in me being made faster in time for my peak events). That is how I role . That is how I work.

This. Is. My. Life — writ large and put on a girl-fit tshirt!


No, Cristin, you do not need to buy a $25 t-shirt. You could buy SEVEN tshirts from Goodwill for that price and you are NOT buying tshirts from Goodwill, or anywhere else for that matter … YOU MADE A VOW.


<activating lawyer brain … it churns slowly …>


But this is being sold at a professional road racing event, in an official vendor booth, ergo, this falls into the “cycling gear” exception, right?



Slow is the New Fast. On a green tshirt (the sprinter’s jersey color = totally hipsterstoopid). I love it.

Vows be damned. I’m gonna put it on RIGHT NOW and wear it every day!


Parting Thought: There is more to life than increasing its speed. ~Mahatma Gandhi

6 Responses to “Slow is the New Fast – part 1.”

  1. Amanda June 9, 2014 at 8:42 am #

    Yay for the lawyer brain!? What you describe a s personal failure, I see as very impressive. I make vows about not shopping to myself all the time, and usually break them within a week. I clearly need to do more cycling so I can do less shopping 😉

    • justadventures June 9, 2014 at 9:43 am #

      “Do more cycling” = the cure to many of life’s ills.

  2. Amanda June 9, 2014 at 8:44 am #

    BTW – you got a deal, t-shirts are $35 on the website! 🙂

    • justadventures June 9, 2014 at 9:44 am #

      ha! I totally missed that when I hopped on their website. Thank you for the post-hoc justification. Double Lawyer Brains = Double Awesomeness. Nice!


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