More anniversaries to celebrate!

17 Jun

This morning, WordPress sent me the following notification:

2 years of JustAdventures!

2 years of JustAdventures!

Huh. Who knew?

Two years of celebrating my JustAdventures with y’all

It feels like much longer…



Which Adventure (i.e. blog post) have you enjoyed and/or appreciated the most, Dear Reader?  What would you like to see more (or less) of before next year’s anniversary? Throw some feedback into the Comments and I’ll do my best to humor you ….

About an hour after WordPress told me that today is my 2-year blog-aversary, CBS-2 News told me (indirectly) that today *also* is my 20-year anniversary of being done with undergrad finals at UCLA, which is CRAZY in so many ways, not the least of which is that fact that I was actually taking a friggin’ final at UCLA today!

Holy convoluted symmetry, Batman!

What does CBS-2 News have to do with anything? That was how I got informed that today marked the 20th anniversary of OJ Simpson’s slo-mo car chase. And I can very clearly remember quaffing cupfuls of “I’m about to Graduate!” Korbel champagne (that may or may not have been chased by some Jim Beam) while staring, transfixed, at the TV while the whole sordid situation unfolded on live TV and also 100% live ~2miles away from where I was watching.

The whole thing was just UNREAL.

I remember being nervous about whether stupid OJ and Al Cowlings would just keep driving their stupid white Bronco throughout the streets and highways of Brentwood/Westwood/BelAir for the whole DAMN DAY and totally fuck up my Graduation Celebration plans!  …

Turns out, getting drunk on Korbel (and assorted other beverages — I have a vague memory of jello shots. And also beer pong. And yes, of course, Jim Beam — ah, youth!) while watching OJ’s life fall apart on national TV actually turned out to be a pretty excellent way to celebrate one’s graduation from UCLA:

Idiot thug U$C Trojan who can’t drive worth a shit” = lots to gloat about!!


Since I was reminded that today marked the 20th Anniversary of me completing my undergraduate finals at UCLA and that I actually would be taking a post-grad final at UCLA on the very same day (!), I decided that I should follow the cue from last week’s photo-spread that commemorated my 3-year anniversary of not dying.

So here we have a photo of me standing in front of UCLA’s “Inverted Fountain” on June 17, 1994 to celebrate my forthcoming undergraduate graduation, right above a photo of me standing in front of UCLA’s “Royce Hall Fountain” (b/c the Inverted Fountain is under repair, and this one was closer to my classroom) on June 17, 2014 to celebrate the fact that 6 weeks from now I will complete all of my pre-requisites for my new doc program:

I haven't aged a bit, right?

I haven’t aged a bit, right?

Time sure flies while you’re having fun!

Go Bruins!

One Response to “More anniversaries to celebrate!”

  1. katerinadiaviano June 18, 2014 at 7:40 pm #

    Ciao Cristin, I read all of your blogs–usually a t2 or 3 AM and I am awestruck by all. But I have to say that my faves are the one on cycling–esp. in Italy and the Do gooder stuff. I also have your blogs?? from Ukraine and those were also inspiring. Mostly because I HATE cold and don’t know how you, a Californian, could survive. I know I did in Northern Italy, but under much less dire straits.

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