Suck it, bucket

22 Aug

It was, of course, inevitable that I should receive one of the viral invitations to participate in the “ALS Ice Bucket Challenge,” which have reached pandemic proportion among social media outlets (Mom and Joe: get thee to your Google-machine and type in “ALS ice” to find out what everyone who lives in the wired world is obsessing about these days…)

Challenge + Charity = CZ written a-l-l over it, right?


Maybe notsomuch…

I had 24 hours to respond to this Challenge and I would not take the chicken’s way out. I *would* respond, but how???

All day I mulled and schemed and plotted and planned and researched and wiggle-waggled, and finally, about 12 minutes prior to the deadline, I posted the following definitive response to the Challenge on my FB wall:

* * * *ย 

[Name of Challenger]: Here is my response to the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that you issued to me last night (I think I scraped in under the 24-hour wire, right?): I just donated $41 to the ALS Therapy Development Institute.


1. My neurologists caution me to avoid dramatic temperature changes. So, to ensure my own neurological health, there shall be no ice bucket-dumps for (or on) me, but even if that were not the case ….

2. CA is facing its most severe drought on record ( and it does not feel at all right to use water in such a frivolous manner, but even if that were not the case….

3. No one needs to get scared and/or aroused by the vision of me in a wet t-shirt, but even if that were not the case

4. The “$10+bucket” provision seems pointless in terms of delivering aid to those who have ALS and my fast-approaching status as an unemployed student for 3+ years means that the “$100+avoid the bucket” option is not fiscally viable at this time … $41 feels like a reasonably meaningful compromise; it seems appropriate to give $1 for each of my well-lived years toward combating a disease that steals years from its targets,

and finally …

5. After researching/reviewing all of the ALS-related charities, it’s clear that the ALS Therapy Development Institute has the highest efficiency/effectiveness rating. Thus, they get my $$.

I do not give blindly, nor do I cave to peer pressure. I accept your challenge, but I do so on my terms (quelle suprise, I know...).

May all members of my FB Nation continue to passionately and intelligently support good science research as well as whatever social causes move you. And maybe save the ice to cool a festive beverage of your choice.


* * * *

And then I figured I might as well blow this up into the big, bad blog-o-verse.

So here you have it: Another way to respond to a Challenge — on your own terms.

Parting Thought: I might have had a tough break; but I have an awful lot to live for. ~Lou Gehrig


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