Now, THAT’S funny!

25 Sep

OK, so I know I said I wouldn’t write until after I finish taking the GRE exam next week, BUT….

I feel obligated to follow-up on the report of my W&M transcript debacle with some joyous (and wildly unexpected!) bits of news from my newly arrived UCLA (the first time) transcript.

Point 1: My undergrad grades did not suck nearly much as those I received in law school. That was a welcome (re)discovery.

Point 2: Last night I attended a mandatory pre-application info session at USC (the sole target of my OT application) and if the session leader can be believed, then I actually will be judged by a full-and-truly cumulative GPA. In other words, I get to take UCLA1 (good) + W&M (less-good) + UCLA2 (stellar) and average them all together to = Goodish-stellarness. Happy!

Point 3: Apparently I took a number of UCLA1 courses that make my transition into OT Land seem not so totally 180ยบ/random: Biology of Cancer, History of Therapeutic Science, Social Psychology of Higher Education, Teaching & Learning Functionalities, and Learning Disabilities. If you were to calculate a GPA from just those 5 courses, I would move from “Goodish-stellarness” to Friggin’ Rock-Star-Awesome-Level-Awesomeness … Now I just need to figure out how to make the Admissions Monkey do that!

Point 4: At yesterday’s mandatory info session I learned that because I plan to submit my application on an “Early Decision” basis, that Early Decision (if favorable) will be made/conveyed before Christmas. Yowza!

In my original (mental) timeline, I assumed the decision would be made by my birthday (February). A pre-Christmas decision timeline means that my already planned trip to Istanbul (Dec. 28-Jan. 10) will either be a celebration of Friggin’ Rock-Star-Awesome-Level-Awesomeness proportions, or a Great Big Giant Pity Party.

Either way, the Turkey trip doubtless will be memorable and it certainly will be MUCH more memorable than the last course that appears on my UCLA1 transcript: Modern Turkish Language & Peoples.


When and how did that happen?!?

I have not even one iota of the tiniest memory from that class (in which I received a “B”).

Of course, my inability to recall Turkish might have something to do with the second-to-last course that appears on my UCLA1 transcript: Alcoholism. I received a “B” in this course, too, probably because there was no “lab” component — I totally would have aced that!

And capping off my final quarter at UCLA1 was a course called “Peace & War,” for which I received an A- and for which I also have ZERO recollection (probably because I was spending too much time in the non-existent “lab” for my Alcoholism course!).

I don’t remember a damn thing about my final quarter at UCLA1 and I’d very much like to thank all of the readers who made that possible! Many of you are still with me and supporting me today. I’ve enjoyed sharing my re-entry into the academic world with you and I look forward to (hopefully) sharing more Back-to-School stories with you, soon.

I think this time around, even though I’m coming in with a broken mental processing unit, I likely will remember things much more clearly. And if anyone still has the notes from our Turkish class, please pass them along! I’d love to have them before my trip!


3 Responses to “Now, THAT’S funny!”

  1. Carissa Barker September 25, 2014 at 5:54 pm #

    You’re welcome :-). Though the extent to which I actually helped, I cannot remember. Perhaps I was having too much fun myself?

  2. Deniz Haupt September 26, 2014 at 1:37 am #

    Ha! I can’t believe you took Turkish in college or that a school even offered such a class! Anyways, looking forward to seeing you in Istanbul!

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