Preparing to go nowhere (*yet)

9 Nov

Tetris fail.

My sister was confused by a recent FB posting that asked my “FB Nation” if anyone had a garment rack that I could borrow. Later that same day I posted a picture of a desk that I managed to get stuck in the doorway of the room loosely termed my “office,” and lamented that “my formerly mad Tetris skills musta taken a pretty serious hit in the whole head-bashing thing.”

This morning, I posted another picture with the following caption, which elicited confusion from among other members of my FB Nation:

Come buy my treasures! All proceeds will go to OneJustice to fund Justice Bus trips to bring free legal assistance to U.S. Veterans in remote locations. Can’t make it to West L.A. today? Or you don’t want/need more stuff? That’s OK, you can donate, too!

yard-saleWHERE ARE YOU MOVING? They wanted to know.

I’m not moving anywhere.

I love my house.

I love my landlady.

I love that my rent has not been raised even $1 since I moved in in 2007 (or was it ’08?).

I love that I can walk to some of the best sushi on the Westside + a place that serves a fried-chicken-duck-bacon-and-pickles sammich that makes all the miles on my bike totally worth it.

I live in The Greatest Place on the Planet (or so I believe).


Because I’m not going to be in this house for most of December and January (while I’m visiting family in CA + traveling with friends in Turkey) and I won’t be in it AT ALL from February – May (while I’m bumming couches and guest rooms at the homes of friends and soon-to-be-friends all across this great land of ours).

And as I much as I love my home, and as “reasonable” as the rent is, I’m not a fan of paying $XXXX for a place that I’m not going to use for ~6 months — especially since my meager, miniscule “salary” comes to an end in 3 weeks.

I want to stay put, but I can’t make the $$ work.

I’d resigned myself to the fact that I’d probably need to give up the house, put all my stuff in storage, and figure out a new place to live once I got back from traveling….Sigh.ย 


Wouldn’t it be great if I could find a temporary sub-tenant?

  • Someone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff — but DOES have her/his own bed.
  • Someone who’s looking for a place for just 6 or so months.
  • Someone who could watch my mail and keep Lisa the Plant alive.
  • Maybe even someone who would tenderly tend to the bikes that don’t get to go on the Epic Homeless Vagabond Couch-surfing Road Trip with me and Zolie and Av…

And it would be a total bonus if that person might also be someone who enjoys bacon, bikes, and beers (for the odd moments when we might both be in the house/neighborhood at the same time)…

Ah, a girl can dream, right?


Enter a miracle on 1-and-a-half legs:


JCI first (sorta) met JC in 2012 when we road through Belgium and Luxembourg with Ride2Recovery. I say that I “sorta” met him, because I didn’t get to spend much time with him, as my bike riding skills were vastly deficient than his.

We got to hang a bit more during last year’s Euro-Challenge (Italy and France) ’cause Coach did such a good job training me and I became a much better/stronger cyclist–still not as strong/fast as JC the #amputeecyclist (he is a HUGE fan of the #hashtag, btw and y’all should know that now)–but at least I could hold my own every once in a while. Plus, by then JC had moved from being an R2R rider to being an R2R staffer. More specifically he was VIP/General Public Liasion, which meant that he had to deal with my various inquiries, issues, and interjections — haha!

Through these interactions I came to appreciate the fact that JC was wise beyond his 28 years — getting your leg blown away tends to either make you a mess or make you very mature. JC appears to have experienced the latter reaction, although according to him, he’s always been “an old soul.”

And so I didn’t even blink when our mutual friend, Cupcake, suggested to me that JC might make an ideal subtenant/roommate (I’d actually be courting Cuppie for that slot, since we’re both doing the OT thing…)

Anyhow — JC recently concluded his stint with R2R and he’s looking to (re)kick-start his academic life. He’d been toying with the idea of moving to Santa Barbara, or San Diego, but once he tasted the aforementioned fried-chicken-duck-bacon-and-pickles sammich, he was 100% hooked on moving to Santa Monica.

IMG_0817I wanted him to move-in in December. He wanted to move in on November 1. We settled on Nov. 15. Asking a person with TBI to empty out her rat-pack of an “office” and rearrange the rest of her home to accommodate a new resident is an exercise in humility, discovery, frustration, and SQUIRREL!


Oh, yeah… back to packing.

It took me almost a full month, but I finally got everything sorted. And once it was sorted, it seemed a shame to simply truck it all over to the Goodwill.

Thus the request for a garment rack (thank you, P8!) and the desire to conduct a yard sale and wouldn’t it be so lovely and full-circle and all kinds of awesome if I could take all the $$ raised by the fact that I was literally making room in my life/home to house a U.S. Veteran and use it to help OTHER veterans?

Especially since this week actually encompasses Veteran’s Day?

And so it was that my yard sale benefited

Many of my customers LOVED getting to use their debit/credit cards to make their purchases/donations. One guy, Alan, a Vietnam Veteran actually used the online payment/donation program twice–once to purchase his goods and again to make a small “true” donation. โ™ฅ

The stories that I gathered from my shoppers could fill many blogs posts on their own.

But I am tired.

And it is late.

And I run the risk of losing your attention.

Before you click-away, however, maybe make one more click: CLICK FOR JUSTICE — make magic happen for a Veteran now.

4 Responses to “Preparing to go nowhere (*yet)”

  1. jenroyce34 November 10, 2014 at 5:05 pm #

    You, my dear friend, are not only entertaining… but as always you are such a supportive friend that you make me wanna hug you.


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