Chief Innovator

4 Dec

On Monday, I embraced the start of a new ~6-month gig that I joyously call “(f)unemployment.” This included signing up for EDD Unemployment funds + a new plan on the Health Exchange, updating my LinkedIn profile, and picking up my bike who had gotten a whole bunch of new parts and bits installed on her. All of this took w-a-y more time that I expected and none of them was actually fun.


On Tuesday, my (f)unemployment plan (i.e., ride bike for 4.5 hours, eat a lot of food, take a long nap, eat more food) got literally washed out by the “low-pressure weather system” that delivered oodles and buckets and bags-full of rain.


On Wednesday, it was still raining and I could not fathom spending another whole day cooped up inside my house. I ventured out to do laundry. The ~2pm-on-a-rainy-Wednesday laundromat crowd is, um, …. unique. Luckily, my laundry place is located across the street from a Verizon store and I was overdue for a phone upgrade.

It wouldn’t hurt to “just look,” right?

Y’all know how this one ends, right?

Hello, iPhone 6+ and Verizon tablet and all kinds of connect and protect accessories, goodbye loads of cash that I don’t have!


Today, it wasn’t raining, but the roads were still wet when I woke up. I definitely don’t ride in the rain and I generally try to avoid riding “in the wet,” as well.  Safety first, right? (I imagine ALL of your eyes rolling about that one – ha!). Anyhow, since I couldn’t ride in the morning and I had a lunch appointment that required me to stick pretty close to home, I decided to fritter away a few hours on the interwebs.

It started as usual: check email, check FB, fall into a TED talk / neuroscience research / bicycle-bits rabbit hole, check blog stats … somehow still have time to kill. OK, check Instagram and LinkedIn.


That’s unusual. My LinkedIn profile appears to have an awful lot of activity associated with it. Lots of people congratulating me on my “new job.”

My what?

I ain’t got no job! I am (f)unemployed!

<mental hamsters being to slowly churn their wheels>

Oooooooh, I get it!

These folks thought that the pseudo placeholder posting that I tossed in to: (a) signal that my BT gig was over, and (b) loosely account for the shenanigans that I expect to enjoy during my forthcoming epic homeless vagabond couch-surfing road trip (which I will blog about extensively, here) was REAL!

IMG_1231Oh my.

I may need to explain what being the “Chief Innovator at JustAdventures” means…

I figured that because the blog will be my main/steady “occupation” for the next 6 months, it ought to serve as my (pseudo) “employer.”

Titling myself as a “blog writer,” however, seemed overly obnoxious or just plain silly, especially since I won’t actually receive any remuneration from this endeavor. And “homeless vagabond,” while entirely true, clearly is not remunerative, nor is it a very inspiring title, ya know?

So, what else will I do during the next 6 months besides being a homeless vagabond and blog writer?

The only thing that I knew that I’d do, FOR SURE, was that I would innovate.

  • I will innovate the heck out of my trip.
  • I will innovate the heck out of myself.
  • I suspect that I might innovate the heck out of a few other people as well.

Or, at the very least, I’ll be delivering some fun, diversion, thoughtfulness, and adventure to the homes and locales of those who are brave enough to host me during my journey (I’ll start sending some hosting invitations/requests next week, let me know if you want to receive one!).

So, that’s how the “job description” was created:

I [will] deliver opportunities and options to individuals, corporations, and communities that struggle to find meaning in their daily activities.

So, I think that answers all of the “what will you be doing” queries that got placed on my LinkedIn profile. What it doesn’t answer–and, in fact, the question that actually continues to expand itself even further is:

Can my (f)unemployment trip be converted into a remunerative prospect?

It is possible to make money while road tripping, visiting, blogging, hanging out, doing my thing, and just being me?

<long pause, stare off into space, mental hamsters spin their wheels wildly….>


It could be done, I think.


We’ll see.

Keep following the blog to find out what the hamsters decide!


One Response to “Chief Innovator”

  1. Cynthia @ Flotsam of the Mind December 4, 2014 at 7:28 pm #

    I actually thinking Homeless Vagabond is rather catchy.

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