We’re back!

26 May


This is Zolie.

Zolie the dog.

Remember me? I wrote here once before when Ma was recovering from some really hard school work. Well, now I’m back because Ma is currently recovering from a really long drive (like 14,000 miles long!) and a really hard bike race (which I didn’t get to see) and she said I need to sub-in for her again because she PROMISED some people that this blog would start up again as soon as she returned to L.A. for good. That happened really, really late last night (we had to spend 5 days apart and I was so happy to see her that I THREW UP!). She’s still really tired and stuff, so she told me to get things started here so that she can (sort of) keep her promise to you, the reader, and also keep me occupied while she naps. I said OK because she promised to get me a new roadkill toy.

#goteam “imonit

(ICYMI: I learned all about hashtags and acronyms and such during our road trip after Ma helped me set up my own Facebook page. I was not very goot at typing and hashtagging at first, but now I think I’ve mostly gotten the hang of it. Altough I still sometimes make mistakes due to the fact that I don’t have thumbs… Anyways, If you wanna be FB Friends with me, I think that would be AWESOME! Hit me up! I want to be FB Friends with like 1,000 people! I think I could get more FB Friends than Ma even! Yeah!)

(OK, I know, this post isn’t supposed to be about me. I’ts about the Road Trip. Sorry. #notwhatiplanned)

OK, so, the Road Trip.

The question that people always ask Ma about the trip is: So, what was your favorite thing? Or What Was the Best Part? Ma has a pretty good answer for What her Favorite Story is but I wasn’t there for it and she probably wants to tell it to you herself anyways, but if you ask ME, I would say:

Day 1: Getting 20 bags of bacon jerky from Bike Effect and getting to play with Toast was the BEST DAY EVER!

Day 1, 8, 9, 14, 18, 21, 25, 33, 36, 44, 45, 50, 57, 60, 63, 66, 68, 74, 75, 76, 78, 85, 88, 89, 92, 95, 99, 102, and 108: Getting to meet and play with Pony, Parker, Riley, Athena, Turbo, Zeb, Penelope, Bogey, Banner, Dima, Josie, Hiccup, Bubba, Skittles, Skittles’ sister whose name I don’t remember, Dante, Ernie, Zeus, Trip, Bella(1), Scout, Ryder, Rocky, Jazz, Jamison, the two big dogs in Bend, OR whose mom is not on Facebook and so I can’t look up their names, Swami, Perry, Benny, Emma, Etta, Pixie, Sheeba, Norm, Floyd, Max, Bella(2), Biscquit, Sophie, Lady, Webb, and Lana —ย ALL of those days was also the BEST DAY EVER!

(Here are some pictures of my new Best Friends — sorry friends who don’t have pictures here, FB me and I’ll post an update later!)

IMG_6349ย  IMG_6350

Srsly, yoo guys. These friends were all so super awesome. I really never knew how to act with other dogs before. I didn’t know how to chase or play tag or hide and seek. I didn’t know about burying bones in yards. Or how totally tasty antlers can be. Or how to escape from locked yards. Or how to chase cats real good.

I learned a real lot from all these friends.

It was the BEST DAY EVER for sure.

Which day?

Every day. Yesterday. Today. Right now. Day 17. Day 70. Day-jabillion. It was all The Best when I was with my friends.

You know what else was The Best?

The day we drove through West Texas. It took 14 hours. BEST DAY EVER!

Why? Because: Nap.

IMG_2985 Also The Best?

The day we drove from New Orleans to Nashville. Even though that was only an 9-hour Nap day, we got to eat THE BEST BBQ EVER in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Archibald’s. Go there. Srsly.

I don’t know what is wrong with the ignorant people with atrocious grammar who wrote any of the non-5-star reviews on YELP, but I am telling you RIGHT NOW, Archibald’s BBQ is THE BEST.

We ate a LOT of BBQ during our month in the South. Twern’t nothin’ better than Archibald’s. Ma really liked it, too.

OK, Another thing that was the BEST DAY EVER:

The 11-drive from Sutherland, NE to Colorado Springs, CO in the middle of a hurricane warning and also with something like 10,000 Sandhill Cranes swooping over us and crapping on the car. Why? Because: Nap.

The drive from New Cumberland, PA to Cleveland, OH on the PA Turnpike that was supposed to take 5 hours but instead took 9 because it was pouring rain and there was a ton of construction. Why? Because: Nap.

The drive from Layton, UT to Boise, ID that technically took just 5 hours (for Ma) but really was more like 8 hours (for me) because I got to stay in the car the whole time while Ma explored the Great Salt Lakes Shorelands Preserve which doesn’t allow dogs.



Getting my tooth yanked out while playing tug-o-war: BEST DAY EVER! (because that meant I didn’t have to go the vet to have it formally “extracted”).

Getting found by Ma in Thornton, CO: BEST DAY EVER! (although the getting lost part was maybe not-so-great).

Getting to sit on couches and beds and tables and chairs in like 85% of the houses we visited: BEST DAY EVER! (Although I was also very happy to obey all the “off/leave it” training that Ma gave me in advance of the trip).

Hiking on Volcanos: BEST DAY EVER!

Walking in parks: BEST DAY EVER!

Exploring caves: BEST DAY EVER!

Sneaking into movie theaters: BEST DAY EVER!

Sitting in restaurants: BEST DAY EVER!

Getting compliments from strangers about what a “good, calm, quiet” dog I am: BEST DAY EVER (*I think all those people might have been high…)

Stealing food from my new dog friends: BEST DAY EVER!

Hoovering-up food from #hostfamily floors: BEST DAY EVER!

Catching flies Mr. Miyagi-style to earn our “rent” at #hostfamily housing: BEST DAY EVER!

Sitting on top of Ma after she completed a long, hard ride: BEST DAY EVER!

You get the idea.

The only thing that maybe wasn’t so super excellent/great was that somewhere along the way, Ma somehow developed a super-power that enabled her to make it snow anytime we spent at least 3 nights in any city. If we stayed for at least 3 three nights anywhere it was 100% guaranteed to snow at some point during our stay. Ma calls this her #ElsaEffect. I call it #craycray. Sometimes it snowed even if we only stayed 1 or 2 nights, but ALWAYS it snowed if we stayed for at least 3 nights. But even when it snowed, most of the time (on the whole) it still was the THE BEST DAY EVER because I was with my Ma.

I love you, Ma. I hope you feel well-rested and that you will be able to start writing this blog by yourself again soon because this is kinda hard work.

Ima go take a nap now.


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