21 Dec

I’m sitting in my car in the Target parking lot. The sun warms me. It also casts a light on my hair that makes it easy to find the split-ends and grays. I’ve spent 20 minutes culling these “imperfections.” The radio is off. Background traffic serves as an oddly calming white noise. My mind tumbles through a jumble of ideas: future business plans, new art designs, shopping lists, borsch recipes, snippets of stories told by former pro bono clients, how to live longer and be happier, what’s missing in my life…

The blog.

I miss writing.

I miss you reading my writing.

It’s weird to me that I had a year filled with incredible adventure and none of it got commemorated here.

It’s awesome to realize that the mundane act of relaxing in the secluded quiet of my warm car, plucking out hairs, has served as a catalyst for my reconnection with you; or, more importantly, with me.

I’m happy here. Typing to you. Contemplating my hair (on a literal level) and my place in the world (on a simultaneous metaphorical level). 

Realizing that life’s most important adventures discover us when we cease seeking them…

Parting Thought: The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. ~Marcel Proust

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