Wonky in Mexico

12 Jan

So after paying $15 (including tip) for 4 impressive margaritas, 4 tacos (2 chicken/2 pork), 3 chili rellenos, and a boatload of beans, rice, chips, and fire-in-the-hole salsa, we drove the 1.1mi back up the hill to our temporary home, all the while marveling at how good and cheap the food was, friendly and helpful the housing development guard and restaurant staff were, and totally cyclist friendly this main highway appeared to be. Although the surrounding hills/mountains looked quite promising, we began to second-guess our decision to bring our mtbs rather than our road bikes.

Now that we were “home” and fed and liquored-up, and relaxed, and happy we needed to resolve how to actually spend the next 1.5 days–how to maximize our time and ability to ride our bikes, explore the mountains, beach, and estuary, enjoy the solitude, delve deeply into the fun fiction books we brought as welcome respite from our academic undertakings, play a crapload of UNO and Wonky, drink more $1.75 margaritas, check out the nearby wine region, nap like champions, avoid getting pummeled by what looked like a fast-approaching big-assed storm, and not totally screw ourselves in terms of navigating back into the U.S. and getting waylaid or bamboozled at the border crossing. NBD. Totally easy to pack all that into ~36hrs, right? 

And indeed it was, thanks to the Universe delivering unto us an Angel named Erin and thanks to each of us being fully open to letting life just unfold and have its way with us and ultimately bring us so much joy. #goteam!

After the margaritas, it took a few tries to figure out how to successfully place a call to Erin and even then we just landed in her voicemail. Oh well. Crack open the wine and Wonky. We can sort out our plans later. Right around the time we were halfway done with the wine, he made what has got to be The Most Magically Triumphant Move in the entire history of Wonky and the house phone rang. 

Ohthankjeebus, I am rescued from further humiliation and defeat! It was Erin. Yes, she had horses for us. Yes, we could pick them up anytime tomorrow. $25 for 2-3 hours, with or without a guide, our choice, no extra charge. It would probably be best to ride horses in the morning and tackle mountain biking in the afternoon. It might be better to put off wine tasting until the next day (wine drinking is better suited to rain than are horse or mtb riding), plus that would allow us to just use the way-more-mellow Tecate crossing rather than chaotic Tijuana to get back into the U.S. 


She’d be waiting for us at Josรฉ’s horse barn at 9:00am. It’s easy to find. Just go left and then left and dirt road and river and sheep and something and brown gate. Should take you 5 or 10 minutes depending on how fast you walk. See you in the morning!

Awesome! Our trip just planned itself! Let’s finish the wine, set aside this Wonky nonsense, and please, please, PLEASE let me beat you in UNO…


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