17 Jan

At this moment it’s 9:46pm and I’m walking the dog as I type. I just got home from my 13-hour on-campus day. I chose to pack 13 of my 18 units into Tuesdays for you. Yes, YOU, dear reader. 

Why would I subject myself to that amount of extreme torture and hardship?

Because #adventure17, that’s why.

During my 2016 very intentional social media hiatus I also very unintentionally stopped having adventures. And you know what? That sucked. Toward the end of that year I realized that I missed writing and I missed having adventures and I missed writing about adventures and most of all I missed the rigor of writing to you on a regular basis about my adventures, so … 


And so it was that #adventure17 was born, as so many good ideas have been, over beers with the BB/PP. I laid out the general concept and he peppered me with pessimism and helped me refine it. We drank a few beers and refined it some more and over the course of a few drinking/thinking sessions we circled back and honed its parameters. And because today is the 17th of the month, it’s time to reveal the #adventure17 plan to you!


Each month during 2017 I will select an activity that is new to me and generally takes me out of my comfort zone. I have mentally budgeted ~$300/mo and up to 20hrs each month (on average) for the full #adventure17 catalog. In other words, a total of $3,600 and 240 hours will be expended on the 12 designated adventures for 2017. Some months may cost more than others. Some activities may require more time than others. That’s fine. In fact that’s great. Variety is, after all, the spice of life! In the end, however, I will have explored 12 new skills or experiences for about the price of a new cyclocross bike and chances are that the chosen activities will be safer for me, too! 

All 12 activities have already been selected (but I’m open to suggestions, especially if anyone is feeling generous and wants to fully fund/sponsor some sort of totally ridiculous adventure!). Each new adventure will be revealed on the 17th of the month in which it is slated to take place. Sometimes the adventure activity may have already occurred/been concluded by its reveal date. Other times it may be actively in-process. And sometimes, like this month, it may not yet have transpired. 

Once a project gets announced, however, photos will show up from time-to-time on the Just Adventures FB Page and Instagram Account, which will continue to be updated until the adventure ends or a new adventure installment begins. I have no idea how to hyperlink my FB/IG feeds right now bc I’m typing on my phone, but type “Just Adventures” or “JustAdventures” into the respective search browsers and you’ll find them. Then please go ahead and LIKE and/or FOLLOW them! 

In any event, like I said, the 12 activities for my 2017 #adventure17 series have already been selected and the first will be revealed momentarily. When I first concocted this idea I thought that it could also serve as a potential science experiment: Which activities improve my mood and or cognition and or physical or mental wellbeing the most? 

Now that, obviously, is a TERRIBLE research question! Way too many variables and confounds and no controls and and and … and all that other mumbojumbo that we learn in school. This is why I have BB/PP. He came up with a much better hypothetical statement upon which to base this experiment: Let’s just do something fun and call it science.

Done! I like the way you think, Bike Boss! Wanna join me for the first adventure?

And so it shall come to pass that we will attend a MIG/TIG/Oxy Welding Taster Class next Saturday. I can’t think of a better way to welcome the year of the Fire Chicken than to fire up a plasma cutter and a 6000* flame torch and see what happens!

Yeah, baby!! We are all kinds of fired up for #adventure17! Tune in to FB/IG on January 28 for live pics of us in our welding gear. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ A full recap will be provided on February 17 during the second installment of this series + the February adventure also will be revealed at that time.

And, don’t worry, in between #adventure17 installments, the blog will not stay silent. Starting next week, I will begin sharing the Cuba tales on a weekly(ish) basis. Other odds and ends that inspire me (or that could inspire you) may show up here on occasion, too. 

Welcome to 2017, now let’s go have us some adventures! 

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