#adventure17 v.5

16 May

Holy donkey. Sometimes when the world gives you a kick it can be hard to tell (at first) if it’s in the pants (good) or the teeth (bad). And I feel like I’ve just been kicked by a donkey. Hard.

This post is SUPPOSED to tell you about my 5th pre-planned 2017 adventure (ergo the title “#adventure17 v.5”!) but the planned thing got cancelled last week and I was/am bummed that I cannot fully report to you about it.

I had been SO proud of my May adventure idea because:

  1. It would involve wine;
  2. It would include my mom; and
  3. It would challenge me to do something I have only done once (and poorly at that) since my brain bashing.

Alas, two days before we were supposed to go to the Paint Lab for our 3-hour “Instructed Brushes & Bites” class (and 1 day before my mom showed up for her special Sleepover/Graduation/Mother’s Day Weekend at my house), I learned that our Paint Night was cancelled. So, sadly, there are no photos (yet) available to show me failing at painting this month. 

BUT! … 

There is good(?) news for one lucky reader! 

This Saturday’s PaintLab class is OPEN and I have a pre-paid painting partner pass available for someone to claim. So, if you want to release your inner artist and/or witness me mangling mine, now’s your chance!

FIRST TO COMMENT (and have actual availability to get to Santa Monica at 5:00pm this Saturday, May 20) WILL BE MY GUEST for this
Paint this with me + wine! FREE!
So, although #adventure17 v.5 has yet to actually transpire, you now know that I am committed to subjecting myself to public ridicule of my attempt to reconnect with art (with the comforting aid of wine) at some point this month–ideally this Saturday. I will post the final art results on IG as soon as I complete this month’s Adventure Assignment and I will write a full report in next month’s installment.



But now back to the donkey….

It is such a lovely, friendly, brilliant donkey and I’m sure it didn’t *mean* to kick me. Or maybe it’s my fault because I just misjudged it and ran into it too hard. In any event, it is at least metaphorically kicking my ass…

“It” is my summer fieldwork assignment. And it is all kinds of terrifying/terrific as well as awesome/arduous (mainly terrific & awesome though!).

I’ve only completed 2 days of work/orientation there, but I feel like I’ve absorbed 2 months’ worth of knowledge while also having been inundated by what is likely TWO YEARS’ worth of stuff that could eventually be known if only my poor brain could be more adaptive/absorptive!

Rest assured that I will (endeavor to) regale you with tales from this place in the not-too-distant future. But for now, I need to assure my own rest and get myself to bed (it is 9:48pm on 5/16 as I type this) so that I can get up at 5:00am to face another day of learning and learning and learning at CNS starting at 7:00am tomorrow….




3 Responses to “#adventure17 v.5”

  1. Amanda May 17, 2017 at 3:06 am #

    Wish i was local! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Can’t wait to hear more about CNS.


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