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If you’re a new JustAdventures follower (or if you have an Etch-a-Sketch® brain like mine), then this is the Page for you!

These links will give you an overall sense for who I am and what this blog is all about. HINT: The ones in bold are bolded for a reason:



Wreck & Recovery


Game on, Reader     Just Don’t Die, OK?    Bikes & Beers     Rules of Life     So long, sidekick     Anomia is Awesome!



Life without a Boss     Winning by Quitting     On a mission     After the jump    

Reality Check     Dragon slaying     Two Magic Words     The Antonym of Magic     Some Haikus     Rapha Race – Part I and Part II    Disability Revealed

The Gift of My Father’s Suicide     A Little Housekeeping…     Memo from Your Brain     No Excuses — Ever.     An “Above Category” Day     They don’t teach THAT in J-school     We Won! (and that totally f*cking sucks) 

Silver lining in a lead balloon    What’s in a Name?   Risk/Reward    You Want the Truth?     Failure: Defined and Owned     Best Year Ever!


Tumult & Helen Keller     Never met you/Won’t forget you    Yup, I’m in love   

Haunted    Gift that Keeps on Giving    How to Pee Like a Pro (lady cyclist style)   Unknown Happiness    Bring It.    

Slow is the New Fast: Part I     SitNF: Part II     SitNF: Part III     SitNF:  Epilogue     Unexpected Run-in    

Note to a Sidewalk Salmon     She’s Back!     Challenge Accepted     Are You F*cking Kidding Me?!


Did I mention that the ones marked in bold are bolded for a reason?

Be bold, reader. Be bold.

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